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The new system adds the ability to view siblings, offspring, reverse pedigrees, up to 8 generations and more images (thanks to the hard work of Anne Massie). To print select 3 generations, portrait and reduce size +/- 90%. A future enhancement may allow printing without images.

Last updated 20 Jan 2021: 5101 records

Searches and Reports:

Dogs with Images (info & to fix image issues). Large so slow to open)

(more will be added in later updates)

Notes on how to use Search:

To search for titles such as ‘CH’, ‘SH’ etc use the ‘Field to search’ dropdown value ‘PostTitle’. ‘PreTitle’ has no data.

Use the “Search Now” button at the bottom of the search for to do a search.

Enhancement Requests:

Mobile friendly display – future

Printable Pedigree (i.e. remove images etc) – planned

Ability to search by Owner / Breeder – future

Old Breed Database System